#120 - Page 147 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 1

Spicy eggplant peanut soup

Yuck. Joey thought this was alright, but I just don’t like bitter things - and this was very bitter. I guess I’m just really picky about my eggplant. Unless it’s oven baked whole to the point of squishiness (baingan bharta) or sliced thin and roasted thoroughly (eggplant moussaka) I just can’t stomach it.

It wasn’t fun to make either. The recipe calls for 3 separate sautes. So you have to cook shallots, then put them in a bowl, then cook the eggplant and put that in another bowl, then cook the ginger and chille and meanwhile use yet another bowl for mixing the peanut butter and soup broth. Ah! I like my simple soups where everything goes in one big pot, cook for 20 min and then puree the thing to death. This was not worth the effort.