#95 - Page 127 Easiness: 4 Tastiness: 4

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I learned my lesson a while back, and so I know how important it is to actually press tofu before you try to work with it. (Otherwise the pieces just fall apart) That said, I’m not a big fan of very specific tools in the kitchen, so I constructed a homemade press.

It consisted of 2 plates that sandwiched the tofu, with a couple of jars full of water stacked on top. Every once in a while I would just dump the water that had collected on the bottom plate into the sink. Sounds funny, but it worked pretty well. I was even able to stack 2 pieces of tofu in my press for some real efficient work. (Although the balance of the stacked cans was getting a little precarious then.)

Anyway, once the tofu was pressed, the marinade was a snap and baking was simple. And it was pretty handy having some prepared tofu on hand. It made a nice snack, and was easy to add to other dishes. Overall, this was pretty good.