#73 - Page 111 Easiness: 5 Tastiness: 4

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This recipe includes a fantastic way to cook sweet potatoes. Instead of peeling and cutting and whatever else, you just throw the potatoes right on the oven rack. 40 minutes and one rotation later they are fully cooked and the skin peels right off. I loved it. They did leak a little in the oven, but I didn’t have to wash any pans or knives, so I think it worked out pretty well.

After that cooking and then mashing, the rest of the recipe just added some pumpkin pie-like spices. I think the potatoes turned out pretty well in the end, but they were a little on the sweet side. I usually prefer my sweet potatoes with a savory emphasis - salsa, ketchup, something of that nature.

So I’ll use the cooking method again, but probably not the full recipe.