#100 - Page 130 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 4

Veganomnom went on a picnic! The last 5 recipes were all part of a picnic brunch that Joey and I had with some of his family.

We had bread with 3 dips - hummus, sun dried tomato, and the basil tapenade - this tempeh, 2 kinds of biscotti, and some grapes and sparkling lemonade on the side. It was a great combination of foods and filled the 5 of us up pretty nicely.

The tempeh was very good. I had it marinate over night and grilled it in a pan right before we headed out the door. I made one large modification here, using smoked paprika instead of liquid smoke. Liquid smoke is pretty hard to find in grocery stores and looking online, can apparently be filled with pretty gross ingredients. Smoked paprika on the other hand is very easy to find and has a great smell and flavor. I didn’t notice any lack of taste due to the substitution.

I think the hot sauce tempeh is a little more flavorful than this recipe but this would still be good to make again.

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