#71 - Page 110 Easiness: 5 Tastiness: 3

My mellon baller has so many uses - doling out cookie dough, scooping ice cream - and now, making mashed potato balls!

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I think they really do taste better in ball form, vs big blobs of gooeyness. Although, I have to confess, I’ve never actually had mashed potatoes before. They weren’t that bad though. A little bland. The potatoes need a lot of salt/spices or other sauces to taste like anything, but I’m guessing that’s true with any mashed potatoes.

This recipe is pretty basic, you can probably find a similar version in many cookbooks. Boil some potatoes, mash them up, and throw in margarine and soy milk. Easy peasy.

I do really like roasted potatoes, so I probably wouldn’t make this again, but I suppose it’s good that I’ve made them once in my life.