#90 - Page 123 Easiness: 4 Tastiness: 4

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Lentils are growing on me. I’ve only had the green kind so far, which I’ve read has a firmer texture then some of the others. They really aren’t bad though. Just like rice, but a little bigger, sturdier.

Tamarind is also a new flavor for me. And no wonder, it is pretty hard to find. The recipe calls for paste form, and I searched Whole Foods for a long time to find my small little jar. (Forget about Safeway or Lucky carrying it.)

This is a straightforward recipe, combining cooked lentils with spices and the tamarind paste. After I got used to the sweet tanginess I thought it was pretty good. I’m definitely more used to the tomato based sauces, but I’m not going to write off the sweetness just yet. We’ll see if it shows up in any more recipes.