#101 - Page 131 Tastiness: 5 Easiness: 4

Who knew seitan was so easy to make? I had no idea what was in the stuff I’ve had from the grocery store, but it’s really pretty simple once you find vital wheat gluten.

Seitan - 1

The dough is really funny looking. After kneading for a little while you end up with this strange rubbery substance. Then you have to use a knife to get it into smaller pieces and toss it in some broth for an hour to cook. It takes a while, but it’s worth it, because the seitan is very very tasty.

I’m even fairly certain I screwed it up slightly this time because the seitan is not supposed to boil in its broth, and ours definitely did. I wasn’t paying enough attention to the pot on the stove. It didn’t seem to detract from the taste though, but it will probably be even better the next time.

Seitan - 2

We’re definitely going to be making this more often. It seems like great sandwich material, and would add a nice depth to other meals. Recipe #102 is a cutlet version, which has you cook the dough in an oven instead of on the stove. I think Joey and I will try that soon and try to keep a stock in the fridge for lunchtime. We ate this entire recipe for one meal so we’ll probably need a double batch…