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Cilantro tastes like soap! I haven’t ever thought this before. I have read in articles about people who can’t eat cilantro, I just haven’t been one of them. For this recipe though, I had a big bunch of organic cilantro which smelled delightful. I cut into it with my knife to chop off the stems and the soap smell was instantly overwhelming!

To be clear, it isn’t that the pesto actually tastes like soap, it’s just that the smell blocks out any hope of tasting anything. Dried cilantro doesn’t seem to have any affect on me, probably because the smell is so diminished, and you are just left with the delightful taste.

So… I probably won’t be making this exact recipe again, but if you leave out the cilantro it’s a pretty basic pesto, which is one of my favorite foods. I do like the fact that the almonds make the sauce a very bright green, my pine nuts don’t do that.