#61 - Page 100 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 5

This recipe didn’t lie, you really need to like olives to eat this. That said, if you do love olives, like Joey does, this is the perfect sandwich.

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I found the relish a little intense on its own, but once combined with the rest of the ingredients I actually liked it too. In fact, I was fairly amazed by this sandwich. I ate mine entirely even though it had a bunch of raw spinach on it. (Although I do confess that I preferred mine warm.)

This dish was pretty quick to make once the eggplant was roasted. I cooked my eggplant a little differently from the specified instructions - I like the slices thicker, and hate the skin, which makes the cook time a little longer (about twice as long).

Overall, I think this would make a great picnic sandwich.