#58 - Page 98 Easiness: 4 Tastiness: 5

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Snobby joes deserve to be snobby. These are ridiculously tasty and easy to cook too. Once you boil the lentils you just mix them with onions, tomato sauce, and some spices. Spoon onto bread and that’s one delicious sandwich.

I used green lentils this time, but I’ll probably switch to a softer lentil when I make this again so that the filling is a little squishier. I also had to cook the lentils for much longer than 20 minutes (the package itself calls for at least 45). As long as you cook the lentils to their desired consistency then the recipe turns out fine.

I also didn’t wait for the flavors to meld like the recipe calls for, but I didn’t notice any lack of tastiness!