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Veganomicon went camping!

Joey, Lola, and I headed up to Mendocino National Forest last weekend and I decided to try a vegan version of my favorite campfire food. When I was little we used to make hamburgers and throw them on the fire in tinfoil. I loved watching them cook, tending to my little tinfoil packet, poking at it constantly with a stick. It’s been a while since I’ve cooked over a campfire in that way, so this recipe was doubly exciting.

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I made the process easier by combining all of the dry ingredients at home in a pyrex bowl. Then I just had to mash the beans and mix in the other wet ingredients. This is still easier said than done. Mashing beans is tricky without a kitchen! It worked out well enough though and the patties stayed together fairly well.

The recipe is supposed to make 6 burgers, but I doubled the size to make just 3 - one for each of us.

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The really hard part was just the cooking process. And by hard, I mean that I burned everything. (I attempted making zucchini chips and roasted onions too - but those didn’t make it…) I guess our fire was a lot more successful than I thought. It was extremely hot, so the insides of the burgers weren’t cooking well while the outsides toasted.

They still didn’t turn out too badly though! Sandwiched in some toasted bread with ketchup they were pretty delicious. All three of us wolfed them down.

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