#165 - Page 195 Easiness: 4 Tastiness: 3

I had such high hopes for this dish. Come to think of it, I always seem to have high hopes for homemade mac and cheese (vegan or not) and it always turns out bland. I’m guessing it’s because I have an aversion to added salt. I almost always use less salt in the recipes I cook. Salt is something you just get so used to, and it isn’t like it’s good for you. When you start using more… you just want more. 99% of the time you can’t tell the difference (at least if you aren’t already addicted to it) but I think mac and cheese is one of those recipes where additional salt is required. And so I failed yet again.

Mac and cheese - 1

Oh well, it wasn’t too bad. And Joey loved it (as usual, I’m so lucky to have such an easy to satisfy dinner partner!) I added peas and leeks to incorporate at least some vegetables. Usually I throw in a bunch of red peppers and tomatoes too, but it isn’t quite that season yet.

This is pretty easy to make, although the recipe has very weird and complicated instructions for mixing everything together. Next time I would just dump the sauce, tofu, and veggies all on top of the noodles directly. Then mix, and pour into the pan. And don’t forget to add more salt…

Mac and cheese - 2