#139 - Page 172 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 3

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The biscuits in this recipe were fun, although a little undercooked (especially on the submerged portion). I could have let them cook for longer, but they were very browned on top. I probably should just cut the dough in half in the future so that they would be smaller; it was hard to get them all in the top of my baking dish.

The filling here was good, but nothing to knock your socks off. It works for winter though - just a warm stew.

The recipe itself was straightforward. There were many steps, but the instructions did a great job of ordering everything together. (Much better than some of the other recipes.) I did take one shortcut and used the same pot the potatoes were boiled in to saute the veggies, making this truly a one-pot meal. (Excluding the biscuit bowl and baking dish…)