#142 - Page 175 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 5

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This dish is fantastic. It has a great flavor combination - especially the cashews with pineapple.

As written, this recipe can be kind of a pain, but I made some changes to make it easier. I used onion and garlic powder instead of the fresh versions, as well as ground ginger. I also substituted the fresh pineapple with a 20oz can, which turned out just right in terms of juice and fruit. And my cashews were pre-roasted, so I was able to just mix them in at the end.

All of that made this very fast and cut down on the fresh ingredients I had to have on hand. (Fresh is better, but sometimes, you just need a quick and easy dinner)

Next time, I’d go one step further and wouldn’t bother with chilling the quinoa. I would instead make this truly a one-pot meal by cooking the quinoa in the same pan as the stir fry. That would probably change the easiness to a 5 and make this a frequent occurrence in our house.