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Well, it’s over. All 243 Veganomicon recipes have been made, pictured, and eaten - and I’m so glad it’s done. It’s amazing how much work it takes to follow a list of recipes as opposed to just making meals on the fly. And it feels great to be able to make whatever I want again! Looking back, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

I sure did learn a lot though. I’m a lot more confident in the kitchen - especially with respect to vegan cooking. I’ve used pretty much every fruit and vegetable that the grocery store offers, something that I never would have done without a forcing function. I’ve made tamales and pot pie, chutney and scones. I know that flour can be made from just about anything (from garbanzo beans to millet) and that homemade soy ice cream is light years better than the stuff from the store. I can even make my own nutella!

So I’m really glad that I followed through with Veganomnom. It was a large undertaking, but it was well worth the effort.