#232 - Page 252 Easiness: 5 (3 as is) Tastiness: 5 as cake (but 1 as is!)

These were too sweet - and for me, that’s a major statement! The frosting was just gross. It is thick and tastes like sugar - but really condensed. So condensed that you can’t stand it. (I’ve actually been taking the frosting off and giving it to the dog…) And the cupcakes were undercooked using the timing given. Overall, yuck.

Apple Cupcakes

However, I have made this recipe before. Good thing too, because I know how amazing it can be. Instead of cupcakes, this makes a perfect “Apple cake with pecan streusel topping”.

So you ditch the gross frosting and use the nut recipe that also goes on top of pumpkin cake in recipe #235. Then instead of making cupcakes, which are always a pain to deal with, dump it in an 8x8 pan and cook for around 45-50 minutes. And last of all, instead of using a measly 2 apples, up it to 5. You’ll need a big pot to cook them in, but its so worth it - and makes the cake feel healthy!