#237 - Page 256 Easiness: 5 Tastiness: 5

Simply delicious. This cake was perfectly moist and had just a hint of coffee.

Chocolate Cake - 1

It was also an incredibly easy recipe. Joey made me some watered down espresso and because it was already hot I just stirred the cocoa powder right in. The rest of the ingredients mixed together in one bowl and I popped it in the oven using a normal pan. Because I didn’t have the largeness of a bundt to deal with I only cooked the cake for about 40 minutes.

Chocolate Cake - 2

I even used whole wheat flour just like the recipe told me not to without any ill effects. And when Joey and I took some as a snack on a long hike the day after it held up really well. It didn’t dry out and wasn’t too crumbly.

This might just be the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made.