#211 - Page 233 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 4

I took these pretty cookies to a party and I think they went over very well. The green pistachios make the dish look very fancy.

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I’m still not used to the rose water taste, so I could see myself reducing the amount in the future. It wasn’t overwhelming, but I’ve decided that rose water reminds me of children’s toys. Like that fake rosey smell you sometimes get with the plastic ones. Maybe an old my little pony or cabbage patch doll? Sometime like that… which just doesn’t mesh well with cookies for me.

Most of the recipe was easy, but getting the nuts on top was fairly difficult. The nuts just didn’t want to stick to the batter, and pressing the dough into the bowl of nuts like the recipe recommended caused a falling apart cookie and a big mess. I ended up placing the cookies on a baking sheet and just pressing the nuts in by hand. This isn’t as bad as it sounds because you can shove a whole handful on at a time. Another alternative might be to make the dough slightly less stiff, but that might screw the whole cookie up.

Overall, not a bad cookie, but some of the other nut topped ones have been better. To get the pretty effect I might take maybe the almond or rumnog cookies and stick pistachios on top? We’ll see how it goes.