#224 - Page 244 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 2

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Lemon bars are strange. The gelled lemon substance tastes a little gross but the crust is heavenly. It reminds me of shortbread cookies. I guess I’ve never had a non-vegan lemon bar, so I’m not sure what these are supposed to taste like - it might be spot on.

The crust is easy to make, although the refrigerate for 30 min step takes some time. I might use that part of the recipe again with a different filling. (A chocolate mouse/fudge could be delicious.)

The filling is also straightforward. It uses a lot of agar flakes and some arrowroot powder to get the gel texture. This worked very well and seems hard to screw up. If I ever need a gel substance it would be a good pattern to follow.

So I wouldn’t make the filling again, but the structure of the recipe seems very useful.