#129 - Page 156 Easiness: 4 Tastiness: 3

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I’m giving this dish a pretty neutral rating. Our actual pie turned out rather disgusting, but I think that it could taste really good. I just made one mistake - I used store bought mole sauce.

Who knew that was such a bad idea?! The chile-chocolate mole recipe in veganomicon is really quite good. You can really taste the chocolate and tomatoes; the flavors come through really well. The store bought stuff on the other hand just tasted like salt!

The jar I bought needed to be diluted with water, and I did follow those instructions, but the saltiness just didn’t get any better. I decided to proceed with the rest of the dish anyway, thinking maybe it just needed to be mixed with other ingredients in order to taste right. Unfortunately, that took this whole thing downhill (and I couldn’t even feed it to the dog because of the cocoa.)

Of the small amount I was able to stomach, I thought the beans and spinach went really well together. And the cornbread crust on top was just perfect. So it was really quite sad that I screwed the whole thing up by being lazy.

Anyway, lesson learned, don’t try to cheat by buying store made anything. Yuck.