#125 - Page 152 Easiness: 1 Tastiness: 5

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This was a fantastic dish - but without some shortcuts, I don’t think I’ll ever get up the energy to make it again.

Peeling and chopping a raw butternut squash is not fun! I ended up staining my hands orange, and they got very dry and crackly. It was weird, and didn’t wash off for a while. The process also took forever. So basically, I have a new found love for those pre-cut squash cubes you see in the store. Those machine cut beauties are definitely going to be one prepared food I pay for (just like canned pumpkin).

And chestnuts, those aren’t easy either, and mine turned out horribly. I thought I roasted them correctly, but then turned out very hard and chewy (a weird combination). They were pretty impossible to chop properly, and just didn’t taste very good. So add jarred pre-cut roasted chestnuts to the shortcut list.

So, this was hard, but I think it could be deliciously easy if I just cheated a bit. If I had the store prepared squash and nuts, I could just dump those in a pan with the beans, onions and spices and call it a day. And that sounds pretty delicious, so I’ll probably give it a shot the next time chestnuts roll around.