#27 - Page 72 Easiness: 2 Tastiness: 5

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Weird but good! I had my doubts about this dish, but the combination of spinach, english muffin and tofu smothered with cheesy sauce was delicious! The smothering is very important, because the first three ingredients on their own are fairly bland. The texture variation is excellent - the broiled tofu really fit nicely with its crunchy outsides.

This recipe wasn’t hard, but it was time consuming. It contains 3 other recipes within it - broiled tofu, cheesy sauce, and diner home fries - and cooking each of those takes time. I even chose the 4 english muffins route to save on some work.

Overall, I think this was well worth it, especially for such a pretty result.

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(Note: This recipe has one confusing part to it - the ingredient list includes a braising sauce, which I’m fairly certain is just a duplicate of the broiled tofu recipe. It’s just strange that the ingredients are included directly as well as being referenced through the other recipe.)