#203 - Page 225 Easiness: 5 Tastiness: 5

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These were pretty easy to make, although I cheated a little bit and used dried cranberries instead of fresh ones. (Not quite fall yet) They came out just fine though and I’d probably add even more dried cranberries next time.

I also committed the cardinal sin of using canned pumpkin pie mix instead of regular pumpkin. There just wasn’t any normal pumpkin at the store the last time I went and I completely forgot I was out until I was nearly done with the recipe. Because I was so far along, I didn’t even reduce the sugar amount, but I was able to leave out the molasses.

I think this made the scones a teeny sweeter but they were still delicious. They are much different than the Banana-date scones - more like a cake. Little mini perfect cakes.