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Don’t get confused by the title, these are really cinnamon rolls, and my mom’s are better.

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One problem is that the dough for these isn’t rolled thin enough. I think rolls are better when they have more nested sugar and raisin containing pockets.

Another issue comes up during baking. The sugar layer starts leaking through the bottom of the rolls and flows all over the baking sheet. This makes a mess, but more importantly, it wastes the sugar on the pan!

I’ve always cooked rolls in a high rimmed baking dish with the rolls squished together as close as possible. That way, when the sugar starts to leak out, it actually just forms a nice sweet layer on the bottom of the rolls. The baking dish also makes it easier to spread the frosting because you can cover everything at once.

Anyway, I’m just going to veganize the version that I’m used to and then these will taste much better.