#206 - Page 227 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 3

These muffins are good, but they took a lot of work for the result. They are definitely healthy tasting, which I’ve been counteracting by spreading jam on them for breakfast.

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The recipe itself has some issues though. The text portion calls for baking soda and powder, although the ingredient list only has the powder… so I replaced half of the powder measurement with baking soda to get both in there. I have noticed that this book has a lot of small errors. It isn’t enough to make me not recommend it, because I love the recipes, but it can be annoying.

You are also supposed to let the soy milk and ground flax sit for a minute after being stirred and I just wish the authors would tell me why I’m supposed to do this. Just like soy milk curdling, which never seems to happen, I just want to be told why this extra bit of effort is worth it.