#11 - Page 59 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 4

My first tamales ever!

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I didn’t even know what a tamale was before this recipe. I had to do an image search to understand what I was making. They are cute little bundles, and were pretty fun to eat, but fairly time consuming to make.

The filling and dough came together quickly, but tying the 2 ends of the corn husks just wasn’t very fun. I’m not sure why the recipe recommended doing so either, because I’m pretty sure the ties weren’t necessary at all. Once the tamales are in the steamer, they don’t move around at all, so the husk structure doesn’t need to be robust.

For the steaming process, I actually just took a normal colander, stuck it in my biggest cooking pot, and put a lid of top. This worked surprisingly well, and means one less specialty cooking device in my kitchen!

Overall, tamales were fun, but they do take some effort, so I’d have to be in the right mood to make them again. They would be a cute thing to serve to guests.