#3 - Page 50 Easiness: 3 Tastiness: 4

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These rolls were actually pretty good. They were kind of a pain to make, because the rice wrappers were pretty fragile, but I really liked the filling.

I actually ended up eating a bunch of the filling by itself, just mixing the noodles and squash with some of the dipping sauce. (And heating it up of course, because all things are better when warm!) I also tried taking some of the rolls and frying them in a pan, thinking that would heat them up easily, but they all just fell apart. The decomposed rolls still tasted good though!

Cutting up the squash was a huge pain like usual, but it was very delicious. Roasting squash in pieces instead of whole is definitely nice sometimes. I suppose it might be worth the effort.

I think I’ll keep the various pieces of this recipe but I’m not sure I will make this exact recipe again.