Greek-style tomato-zucchini fritters

with fresh herbs

#5 - Page 52
Easiness: 4
Tastiness: 3

Tomato zucchini fritters

This was a food processor intensive recipe. All the ingredients get blended together into a big tofu mash, tossed with some tomatoes, and finally coated with some bread crumbs. Because everything just gets tossed together, making the dough was very easy.

Coating the batter with the bread crumbs was tricky though. The batter was very wet and sticky, so I was kind of making a mess, and eventually left the crumbs off of most of the fritters. I don't think I'd do that again though, because the bread-less pieces really didn't taste as good as the others. Or at least I didn't think so, Joey actually preferred the whole mixture raw, he said it had more flavor.

Overall I don't think this was my favorite recipe. It wasn't bad, but nothing great either. I think the final product relies a little too much on the fried outer coating to be something I'll make often.

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